Three Vehicles to Getting Published Today

Traditional Publishing, Hybrid Publishing, and Independent Publishing ... What Should You Do?

Course Summary

There are many ways to get published today–Traditional publishing, Hybrid publishing, and Independent/Self-publishing. With so many choices, what should you do? Christopher Maselli has published through all these avenues and helped many others do the same. In this workshop, he discusses the pros and cons of all three options and helps you see which may be the best for you. Don’t spin your wheels any longer. Focus on the right road and get your book published!

Course Curriculum

Christopher Maselli

Award-winning author Christopher P.N. Maselli has written more than 50 books, is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, children's writer, marketing writer and ghostwriter...and on his training site,, he helps put other writers on the fast track to success! He has received a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing and lives in beautiful Prescott, Arizona, with his wife and children.

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